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Ontario Hospital Association Demutualization

This website has been developed for the exclusive use of unionized employees and unionized former employees of the Ontario Hospital Association ("OHA") or a participating employer member as of December 29, 1997.

Update: August 17, 2010

Justice Perell of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice certified this application as a class proceeding and approved the terms of settlement. To view the court-ordered Notice of Certification and Settlement, which describes the procedure to opt-out and to apply for a payment from the Cash Recipients Fund, please click here (for the french version, click here). To review Perell J.'s Reasons for Decision, please click here. To review his Order, please click here.


This proposed class proceeding concerns the approval of an agreement to distribute demutualization proceeds to current and former employees of the OHA and its member employers covered under Mutual Life Assurance Company of Canada ("Mutual Life") Group Insurance Policy Numbers 2100 and 16000 as of December 29, 1997.

OHA was the policy holder for Group Policy No. 2100 and 16000 with Mutual Life which it held for the purpose of providing long-term disability and life insurance benefits for its own employees and employees of its participating employer members. Employees paid a share of the premiums for coverage under Group Policy No. 2100 and 16000. Mutual Life advised OHA of its planned demutualization on March 15, 1999, effective December 29, 1997. This date crystallized the entitlement of policyholders, including OHA to the proceeds of demutualization, As of June 1, 2010 the OHA is holding approximately $22.5 million in demutualization proceeds in trust.

OHA established a steering committee and entered into a consultation process with its participating employers, representatives of the unions, and representatives of non-unionized employees, concerning the sharing and distribution of the demutualization proceeds. These parties reached an agreement to share in the proceeds of demutualization (the "Settlement") which this proceeding seeks to approve and implement.

The law firm of Cavalluzzo Hayes Shilton McIntyre & Cornish LLP represents the unionized members of the respondent class. The non-unionized employees are represented by the law firm of Koskie Minsky LLP.

To learn more about this class proceeding, please review our Frequently Asked Questions

Copies of the Settlement Revised Memorandum of Agreement.PDF, the Notice of Application Notice of Application.PDF, the list of participating member employers Schedule A.PDF, and the court-approved Notice of Certification and Settlement Hearing Revised Schedule B.PDF (french version), can be viewed by clicking on them.

Our motion materials, namely the Affidavits of Elizabeth J. McIntyre, Dan Anderson, Andy Summers, Lee Rogano, Yves Shank, Mike TraceyCarol McDowell and Katha Fortier, can be viewed by clicking on their names.

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