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Ontario Northland Transportation Commission

This action was brought in 2002 on behalf of members of the Ontario Northland Transportation Commission’s pension plan (“the ONTC”). The ONTC operates rail, marine, telecom and passenger services throughout Northern Ontario.

The action alleges that the ONTC amended the regulations to its pension plan in a manner that breaches its obligations as Trustee of the plan and secured benefits and powers for itself to the detriment of the class members and the plan. The action also alleges that the ONTC has failed to dispense benefits to its beneficiaries in an even handed manner. A motion for certification of the action as a class proceeding was dismissed on June 6th, 2006. An appeal from that decision is being heard by the Divisional Court on January 22nd and 23rd, 2007.

Hugh O’Reilly and Michael Wright are acting for the plaintiffs together with counsel at two other law firms.

For more information regarding this action, please contact Irene Urbanavicius at 416-964-1115 ext. 2257 or by email at

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