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Civil Litigation/Class Actions

Along with administrative tribunals, the courts can be a powerful tool for assisting citizens who are seeking to enforce their legal rights. Many labour and employment law matters and other social justice issues require appearances in court, or advice about potential court actions.

At Cavalluzzo, the civil litigation group has for decades assisted unions, associations, professionals, pension plans, investors, benefit trust funds, and other organizations advance their interests through a range of creative and important litigation in the courts. This includes strike and lockout injunction work, enforcement of contracts, trusteeship proceedings, , litigation against governments who use their appointments process to harm senior managers, and the defence of employees against ex-employers who allege solicitation of their clients and improper competitive behaviour.

Cavalluzzo is a leading class actions firm, specializing in class actions that advance the rights of employees, investors, and others who seek justice in and around the workplace. Our major class actions are listed on the "Class Actions" tab or by clicking here.