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Pay and Employment Equity

Many employees continue to face workplace discrimination. Women’s work continues to be paid substantially less than comparable men’s work. Women, racialized persons, aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities and gay, lesbian and transgendered persons face widespread discrimination in hiring, working conditions and promotion opportunities.

We assist unions and employees to gain access to these rights through our role in the development, implementation and enforcement  of proactive equity laws. We continue to search for new ways to make pay and employment equity an employment reality.

Our services to unions, employees and professionals in this area includes advice, representation and consulting services:

  • litigating complaints under pay, employment and human rights laws;
  • appearing before Review Officers and the Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal and Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario;
  • using collective agreement grievance procedures, Labour Relations Board bargaining complaints, Charter litigation and political action to achieve equity;
  • developing pay and employment equity plans, including the choice of gender neutral comparison systems, the job evaluation process, and appropriate collective agreement language.