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Professional Regulation/Discipline

For professionals, including teachers and health care professionals and their associations, the relationship with their governing college is crucial. Increasingly, professionals find themselves at the centre of complaints which may stem in part from systemic inadequacies in our health and education institutions. We ensure professionals seeking registration or facing complaints reported to the college governing their profession are aware of their rights, and fully informed of the process. We make creative use of alternative dispute mechanisms offered by colleges. We have developed strategies to assist foreign professionals in overcoming barriers to recognition of their credentials. We assist professional associations in their dealings with the colleges. In addition we provide prosecutorial services and independent legal counsel for professional colleges.

Our services include:

  • Submissions to Complaints and Executive Committees;
  • Representation before Fitness to Practice Committees, Registration Committees and Discipline Committees;
  • Representation on reviews to the Health Professions Appeal and Review Board;
  • Court litigation arising from regulatory proceedings or practices;
  • Representation at all related proceedings such as inquests where a professional’s practice or right to practice may be challenged or circumscribed;
  • Representation on Quality Assurance and Practice Reviews;
  • Representation on OHIP reviews; and
  • Policy and legal advice on professional governance, discipline issues and legislative reform.