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Articling students are directly supervised in their work by the lawyer who has made the assignment and students can expect to receive feedback on their progress and the quality of their work from assigning lawyers.

We augment the direct feedback that students may receive from the lawyers with whom they are working at any given time with a formal system of performance evaluations. Students who have completed articles at the firm have repeatedly credited the formal evaluations for identifying their strong skills as well as areas in which they need further development. With the assistance of the Student Committee, students are able to direct their articling experience so that they get the most out of this singular period of supportive supervision.

Articling is challenging and, for many people, a new and sometimes intimidating experience. Articling students are given a less formal initial evaluation approximately two to three months into their articles. The purpose of this brief evaluation is to reassure students that they are on track with the development of their skills and to provide the early identification of areas in which students feel they require more support. The Committee can then bring the firm’s resources to the assistance of students.

There is a formal performance evaluation during each of the two rotations.  Written evaluations are obtained from the lawyers with whom students have worked and the students then meet individually with the Student Committee to discuss the results. Once again students are provided with a valuable assessment of their areas of strength. Areas where students need more work are identified, as are areas of practice where students simply have not been sufficiently exposed. The Committee then works with students to ensure that, by the completion of their term, they have achieved a well-rounded experience and have also been exposed to work that interests them.

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