Commentary/23 February 2021

"Longer Notice Periods Should be the Norm for Pandemic Terminations"

Stephen Moreau discusses how employees terminated from their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic should expect an extended notice period in looking at t... Read More
Commentary/5 February 2021

"Better Investigations are Needed to Complement Workplace Safety Law"

In today's Legal Matters' Commentary, Jeff Andrew discusses how legislation aimed at addressing harassment and violence in federally regulated workpla... Read More
Article/21 January 2021

"Don’t Panic: 10 Things to Do if You are Let Go"

Genevieve Cantin comments in's article: "Don’t Panic: 10 Things to Do if You are Let Go". She discusses recourses available to e... Read More
Commentary/11 January 2021

"Fair Comment or Foul? That Online Post Could Cost you Your job"

In today's Legal Matters' commentary, Jeff Andrew discusses the impact of posting private opinions on social media, and the possibility of dismissal w... Read More
Commentary/4 January 2021

"A $1.2-million Lesson About the Dangers of Fixed-term Contracts"

In today's Legal Matters commentary, Stephen Moreau discusses how companies that sign a fixed-term contract covering a long period of time could be li... Read More
Commentary/11 December 2020

"One Size Does Not Fit All When it Comes to a Termination"

In today's Legal Matters' commentary, Jeff Andrew discusses the importance of seeking advice after being terminated to avoid making costly mistakes an... Read More
Commentary/3 November 2020

"Not Taking Workplace Harassment Claims Seriously can be Costly"

In today's Legal Matters' commentary, Jeff Andrew discusses  how allegations of workplace harassment can have far-reaching implications and requi... Read More
Opinion/9 September 2020

Burying Termination Provisions in Employment Documents can Backfire

  A recent Ontario Superior Court of Justice decision shows that employers, if they want to enforce harmful termination or forfeiture ... Read More
Article/13 February 2018

Summary of Bill 148 - "Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017 Brings Major Changes to Ontario's Labour and Employment Laws"

Please note that new legislation has been introduced, which will repeal many of these reforms.  Please see the summary at this link. A summary of... Read More
Article/29 November 2013

The Year in Review in Labour and Employment Law

2013 was another eventful year on the labour and employment law fronts. The workplace continues to be the locus of much litigation before courts and t... Read More
Article/16 April 2006

Pregnant Women have a Number of Ways to Claim Job Rights, but are they Effective?

Anecdotal evidence suggests that, in spite of the job protection provided by the Employment Standards Act (ESA), women are increasingly being dismisse... Read More
Article/2 June 2005

Severance Pay & Valuing Disabled Employees' Past Contributions and Investments: O.N.A. v. Mount Sinai Hospitals

Employment standards legislation has proven largely immune to Charter scrutiny. Various challenges to this minimum standards legislation, such as a s.... Read More