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Article/3 November 2014

Securing Employment Equity by Enforcing Human Rights Laws

Securing Employment Equity by Enforcing Human Rights Laws, Employment Equity in Canada, (C. Agocs ed.) UTP: 2014, coauthored by Jan Borowy, Mary Corni... Read More
Article/25 January 2013

Pinto Report - Moving Beyond a Narrow Focus on the Adjudication System

The release of the Pinto Report provides a fresh opportunity to assess the state of human rights in Ontario. Read More
Article/1 October 2012

CCPA Paper - A Living Wage as a Human Right

In Canada, many workers do not earn a living wage — that is, sufficient income to afford the basics of life — because of discrimination. Read More
Article/1 February 2012

The Ugly Canadian

Last week we learned that our government has directed CSIS to use information which may have been derived from torture "where a serious risk to public... Read More
Article/9 September 2011

University Signs Precedent-Setting Pay Equity Agreement

In April, the University of Toronto signed a precedent setting pay equity agreement with the United Steelworkers, Local 1998 (Local) which delivered m... Read More

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