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We are a unique law firm, distinguished by excellence in the practice of law and our commitment to equality and social justice. Since 1983, our firm has grown to more than thirty innovative and dedicated lawyers who are passionate about the practice of labour law, health law and professional discipline, and employment equity and human rights law.

Our practice is varied – encompassing labour, public, pension, administrative, Charter, civil and employment law, as well as professional regulation – but our dedication to superior advocacy is constant. We represent trade unions, professionals and professional associations, non-unionized employees, multi-employer pension and benefit plans, and other organizations and individuals, in both the public and private sector, assisting them with day-to-day legal problems as well as long-term legal and policy strategies.

We have worked hard to build our reputation as a law firm known for its culturally sensitive perspective including an awareness of the rights of women, persons of diverse racial, cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds, persons with disabilities and those with different political views and all sexual orientations. We bring an innovative and strategic approach to the cases we work on resulting in our winning precedent-setting cases and the promotion of progressive legislative change.

Dedicated to Social Advocacy and the Protection of Working People

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