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Our History

We have a history of excellence

The firm was founded in 1983 by Paul Cavalluzzo, Jim Hayes, and Elizabeth Shilton. Their objective was to create a distinctive firm which would be recognized for excellence and a commitment to social justice and equality, particularly in the field of labour law. Since that day the firm has grown to now include more than thirty lawyers with the same commitment.

David Bloom and Bernie Hanson joined Paul, Jim and Elizabeth shortly after the firm’s creation. In 1988, Elizabeth McIntyre, of the feminist law firm Symes, Kitely, McIntyre, joined the firm, bringing her expertise in health professions and labour law. In 1994, Mary Cornish, founder of the feminist law firm Cornish Advocates, brought her expertise in the area of human rights and labour law. Later,  Michael Wright, Kate A. Hughes, Jeffrey M. Andrew, Sheilagh Turkington, Amanda Pask, Sean Fitzpatrick, James Robbins, Patricia D'Heureux, Tracey Henry, Shaun O’Brien, Stephen Moreau, and Amanda Darrach joined the firm as partners.

We have attracted talented associates and continue to grow in numbers and in breadth of experience in different areas of law. We represent trade unions, organizations, and individuals in both the public and private sector, and in every profession. Our clients include teachers, musicians, nurses, crown attorneys, doctors, engineers, pilots, athletes, health care professionals, judges, postal workers, machinists, airline workers, service workers, industrial workers, retail workers, pension plans, equality seeking groups and community organizations.

We strive to continue the tradition of excellence and client service established by our founding partners.

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