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Our Services

IN ADDITION TO OUR ADVOCACY WORK we provide the following specialized services:

French Language Services

We provide services in French to clients, including representation at arbitration, and advice on all matters arising from collective agreements.

Educational Services

We design and deliver educational seminars for clients and the public on substantive areas of law. We also provide hands on skills training to stewards, grievance officers and others.

Our free newsletters provide current information on legal and policy developments.

Consulting Services

We assist our clients in law reform initiatives and in shaping public policy in areas including equity and human rights law, pension and benefits law, airline industry restructuring, regulation of professionals, health law, education law, occupational health and safety, collective bargaining legislation, jurisdictional disputes, and issues in the construction industry. We provide consulting services to international organizations and non governmental organizations.

Strategic Advice

Our lawyers provide strategic advice to our institutional clients. We assist unions in positioning themselves for organizing drives, collective bargaining, changes resulting from re‑organization and privatization, worker ownership, internal organizational issues and other issues affecting a union’s long term goals.

In-House Counsel Services

We act as a resource to in-house counsel by consulting on complex litigation and acting as co-counsel on request. We also provide research and educational services to in-house counsel to assist them in meeting their organization’s legal and policy objectives.

Interest Arbitration

We represent clients such as lawyers, health care workers, and others in their interest arbitrations. We also sit as nominees on interest arbitration boards and other tribunals established to resolve collective agreements, salary or other issues.

Legal and Public Policy Research and Writing

We have a group of lawyers with specialized expertise in research, analysis and written advocacy. Their work includes providing written representation and written materials to clients including factums, opinions, briefs on government policy issues, labour board briefs and written submissions.

Collective Bargaining

As well as providing advice and assistance to our clients on collective bargaining, we negotiate collective agreements for unions and other organizations.

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