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Blog/30 July 2019

Ontario Court of Appeal Defers to Union's Internal Democratic Channels

A unions' internal affairs are governed by its constitution. In Brown v. Hanley, the Ontario Court of Appeal addressed a novel claim by four members s... Read More
Blog/16 July 2019

Changes to Wage Earner Protection Program

In late 2018, the federal government introduced changes to the Wage Earner Protection Program ("the WEPP"). WHAT IS THE WEPP? The WEPP is a federal ... Read More
Blog/20 June 2019

Termination Without Cause: An Overview

BACKGROUND The law allows your employer to terminate your employment without cause, meaning "for no reason." However, an employee who is terminated ... Read More
Blog/22 May 2019

Case Note: Middlesex London Emergency Medical Services v Ontario Public Service Employees Union, Local 147

Labour Arbitrator Finds Employer Failed to Accommodate Pregnant Paramedic but Awards Limited Damages

OVERVIEW In Middlesex London Emergency Medical Services v Ontario Public Service Employees Union, Local 147, Arbitrator Steinberg considered whether t... Read More
Blog/6 May 2019

New Rules Governing Third Parties Under Canada Elections Act

Rules governing individuals and organizations thinking about engaging in election advertising or partisan activities such as rallies or political door... Read More
Blog/29 April 2019

Employees, Dependent Contractors and Independent Contractors: What’s the Difference?

What misclassification can mean to you

Workers who are misclassified as independent contractors instead of employees or dependent contractors could be deprived of important benefits. It's i... Read More
Blog/12 April 2019

Case Note: Mohamed v Information Systems Architects

ONCA Allows Claim for Stand-Alone Breach of Duty of Good Faith

Overview The enforceability of termination clauses in Ontario is the subject of many Court of Appeal decisions. In Mohamed v Information Systems Archi... Read More
Blog/12 March 2019

Case Note: The Guarantee Company of North America v RBC

ONCA holds that statutory deemed trusts qualify as trusts under BIA

OVERVIEW In The Guarantee Company of North America v Royal Bank of Canada, ["The Guarantee Company"], a rare five-judge panel of the Ontario Court o... Read More
Blog/21 February 2019

Ontario Court of Appeal: Mandatory Arbitration Violates ESA

Recently, the Ontario Court of Appeal issued a decision in Heller v Uber Technologies Inc (“Heller”), invalidating a mandatory arbitration... Read More
Blog/12 December 2018

ONA Successfully Challenges Unreasonable Vaccinate or Mask Policy in ONA v St. Michael’s Hospital

In ONA v St. Michael’s Hospital, Arbitrator Kaplan upheld a grievance filed by the Ontario Nurses’ Association (“ONA”) alleging that the introduction ... Read More