Committed Entirely to Employees

Cavalluzzo is a leading employment and labour law firm that is dedicated to advancing the causes of working people. With over 35 years of dedicated experience, we are consistently ranked as one of Canada’s top employment and union side labour boutique law firms. Unlike many of our competitors, our firm exclusively represents employees.

Our knowledgeable employment lawyers have experience with diverse workplace issues across a wide variety of industry sectors. We understand that work is one of the most fundamental aspects of a person’s life and that termination from your employment or dealing with conflict and difficult conditions on the job can have devastating and life-changing effects.

Our approach is simple: We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of legal representation in all areas of workplace law. We are experienced litigators, though we pride ourselves in our ability to negotiate and obtain favourable settlements to avoid costly and time-consuming litigation. Above all, we strive to provide strategic advice, timely service, and practical cost-effective solutions for our clients’ workplace issues.

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Canada’s Sustainable Jobs Plan and its implications for workers and trade unions

Initial framework guides efforts to support workers in the transition towards a greener economy

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Working for Workers Act, 2021

Ontario Passes Legislation Affecting Workers’ Rights

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Bill 27: Working for Workers Act, 2021

Ontario Introduces Legislation Affecting Workers’ Rights

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