Remuneration & Hire Back


Our student compensation package is very competitive with similarly situated firms. Moreover, while articling at the firm, students are covered by a collective agreement with the Canadian Union of Public Employees. Under this agreement, articling student compensation includes, among other things, tuition for the LSO Licensing Process, subject to a cap and enrollment during the period of employment. In addition, students are part of an excellent benefits package.

Hire Back

Cavalluzzo is committed, where possible, to growth from within. A significant number of our more than 35 lawyers articled with the firm, and we want to continue that tradition.

However, it is the nature of a firm of our size and degree of specialization that employment opportunities with the firm cannot be guaranteed. The firm has extensive connections in the community, and lawyers who articled with us in recent years but did not stay on have obtained interesting and challenging employment, often with assistance from the firm. Examples include employment:

  • at other law firms with similar practices;
  • as in-house counsel to trade unions or professional organizations, some of which are firm clients;
  • as counsel at the Human Rights Commission;
  • with university law faculties;
  • in policy positions with government or institutions; and with international NGOs.