Our firm has some of the top practitioners in their field. At Cavalluzzo, we encourage students to discuss assignments with any lawyer who may have experience with or expertise in the matter at hand. We work in a very collegial environment and students typically find lawyers accessible and available.

We subscribe to Westlaw, QuickLaw and other online research resources; we also maintain a library of reporter series, journals, and current educational publications that usually enable students to complete assignments on-site. The University of Toronto’s law library and the Great Hall library at Osgoode Hall are close and accessible when off-site resources are required.

The firm is also updating its technology to allow students and lawyers to be more efficient and productive through the use of laptops and cloud-based email and document access.

Some of our lawyers also specialize in research and written advocacy, which provides the firm, including the articling students, with access to unparalleled research expertise and support. These research lawyers conduct seminars and provide one-on-one guidance to students on research and litigation support assignments. Students are assured of access to research expertise that will help them hone their own research skills.

The firm also has an excellent group of support staff as well as three full-time law clerks who are available to provide support for articling students.