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Blog/19 December 2019

Be wary of termination agreements that limit entitlements

People should always seek legal advice if they are asked to sign a termination agreement upon being hired since these contracts invariably favour the ...
Blog/7 August 2019

OCA affirms notice period exceptions granted in rare cases

Even though the Ontario Court of Appeal recently reduced a senior employee’s termination notice entitlements to 24 months from 30 — despit...
Blog/30 July 2019

Ontario Court of Appeal Defers to Union's Internal Democratic Channels

A unions' internal affairs are governed by its constitution. In Brown v. Hanley, the Ontario Court of Appeal addressed a novel claim by four members s...

Recent News

News/31 March 2020

Foodora Couriers Win Right to Join Union

Foodora Couriers win Right to Join Union in Historic Precedent for Gig Economy Workers   Read More
News/18 March 2020

Firm Operations in Light of COVID-19

Cavalluzzo LLP is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and following the recommendations of the local, provincial and federal public health autho... Read More
In the News/5 March 2020

Court Approves Blyth Academy Class Action Settlement

On March 3, 2020, the Superior Court approved a settlement reached settling the Blyth Academy Action.  This significant achievement and result re... Read More

Recent Events

Event/Apr 14, 2020

Tyler Boggs Speaks at Infonex’s 25th Annual Conference on Professional Regulation and Discipline (Postponed)

Tyler Boggs speaks at Infonex’s 25th Annual Conference on Professional Regulation and Discipline.   He will be presenting on the Duty ...
Event/Apr 1, 2020

Jeff Andrew Speaks at Lancaster House Human Rights Human Rights and Accommodation Conference (Postponed)

Jeff Andrew speaks at Lancaster House’s Human Rights and Accommodation Conference.  He will be participating in a panel called:  &ldqu...
Event/Nov 15, 2019: 09:00 - 18:00

Patricia D'Heureux Teaches at ETFO Professional Boundaries Course

Patricia D'Heureux teaches at ETFO's Professional Boundaries course.  This course provides advice and assistance to members in the management of ...

Recent Publications

/31 March 2020

COVID-19 - Employment and Benefit Rights

We have prepared a list of frequently asked questions about your workplace rights and COVID-19 which can be accessed HERE. These are challenging ... Read More
/10 December 2019

Recent Changes to the Canada Labour Code - Bill C-86 and Bill C-63

Recent Changes to the Canada Labour Code - Bill C-86 and Bill C-63 Read More

Recent Cases

Case/13 March 2019

Cormier v. 1772887 Ontario Limited

In Cormier v. 1772887 Ontario Limited, Christopher Perri and Alex St. John represented Kelly Cormier in a wrongful dismissal action against a com...
Case/21 January 2019

McCrea v. Canada, 2019 FC 122 (CanLII)

McCrea v. Canada, 2019 FC 122 (CanLII)

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