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International Public Law

Globalization is bringing home the importance of international laws and policies for social justice and labour/employment law issues in Canada and abroad. At the forefront of the global social justice agenda is the enforcement of international labour and human rights standards, a cornerstone of democratic governance principles. Judicial reform strategies are key to sustainable and equitable development.

Our assistance to clients in this area includes:

  • providing advice on international trade agreements including the application of NAALC, (The North American Agreement on Labour Co-Operation) and NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement);
  • providing legal and consulting services in aid of international legal reform initiatives in partnership with local governments and non-governmental organizations, directed at establishing sound and effective legal systems in developing countries, countries in transition and post-conflict countries;
  • processing complaints before international legal bodies, such as the International Labour Organization and the UN Commission on the Status of Women to enforce international standards protecting human rights and labour rights;
  • providing advice and representation on matters where international law issues are relevant including presenting evidence on the experience of free and democratic societies in Charter/Constitutional law litigation;
  • litigating the application of Canadian law to foreign enterprises operating in Canada and the operation of Canadian law to Canadian enterprise operating outside of Canada.