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News/16 May 2019

Advocate Daily: "Benign Housekeeping or Self-protection?"

Advocate Daily:  "Benign Housekeeping or Self-Protection?" Read More
News/14 May 2019

The Lawyer's Daily: "Ontario Goes Beyond Common Law in Proposed Crown Liability Act"

On May 13, 2019, Stephen Moreau and Lara Koerner’s commentary on Ontario’s proposed Crown Liability and Proceedings Act, 2019 (CLAPA) was ... Read More
News/12 April 2019

Advocate Daily: "Class actions needed ‘when governments let us down’"

Advocate Daily:  "Class Actions Needed when Governments 'Let us Down'" Read More
Firm News/12 February 2019

Tassia Poynter quoted in Law Times

Tassia Poynter was quoted in the January 28, 2019 edition of Law Times regarding a recently proposed class action lawsuit alleging that television pro... Read More
News/1 February 2019

Federal Court Approves Settlement in EI Sickness Class Action

On January 29, 2019, the Federal Court approved the settlement the Firm reached with the Government of Canada resolving the EI sickness class action o... Read More
News/28 December 2018

Advocate Daily: "Theft Motivated by Addiction not Necessarily a Firing Offence"

Advocate Daily:  "Theft Motivated by Addiction not Necessarily a Firing Offence" Read More
News/5 December 2018

Cavalluzzo Secures Big Win at Arbitration — Human Rights Violation for Terminating an Employee Due to Theft Caused by Addiction

On December 4, 2018, Arbitrator Eli Gedalof released a highly anticipated Award in this difficult and contentious area of labour relations. In a griev... Read More
News/23 October 2018

Advocate Daily: "Stephen Moreau files Class Action Against TV Production Company"

Advocate Daily: "Stephen Moreau files Class Action against TV Production Company" Read More
News/18 October 2018

Cavalluzzo Brings Class Action Suit Against Property Brothers Producer for Allegedly Unfair Pay

The Property Brothers producer Cineflix Media has been hit with a $35 million lawsuit alleging that freelancing Canadian factual and reality TV worker... Read More
News/26 September 2018

Advocate Daily: "Legal Analytics Lets Lawyers Cut Down on 'Grunt Work'

Advocate Daily: Legal Analytics lets Lawyers Cut Down on 'Grunt Work' Read More
News/26 September 2018

Advocate Daily: "Feds Settle Lawsuit with Moms Denied Extra EI Benefits for Sick Leave"

Advocate Daily: Feds Settle Lawsuit with Moms Denied Extra EI Benefits for Sick Leave Read More
News/6 September 2018

Stephen Moreau quoted in Chatelaine Opinion: "It's Time Maternity Leave Policies were Updated for the new Economy"

Stephen Moreau was recently quoted in a Chatelaine Opinion:  "It's Time Maternity Leave Policies Were Updated for the New Economy", discussing Em... Read More
News/4 September 2018

Advocate Daily: "Systemic Discrimination Could now be 'Immune from Review"

Advocate Daily: Systemic Discrimination Could Now be 'Immune from Review' Read More
News/2 May 2018

Advocate Daily: "Class Actions for Misclassifications could Clarify Debate"

Advocate Daily: "Class Actions for Misclassification Could Clarify Debate" Read More
News/28 March 2018

Ontario Court of Appeal Rules Insurer Must Defend Breach of Privacy Case Against Nurse

Cavalluzzo LLP has successfully fought a hospital's insurance company's appeal where the insurer argued that it did not have to defend a nurse who had... Read More
News/6 March 2018

Blyth Class Action in the News

On March 5, 2018, the Toronto Star published an article with respect to the ongoing Blyth Class Action lawsuit.  A copy of the article can be rea... Read More
News/16 January 2018

Advocate Daily: "Hehr Apologizes, Pledges to do Better after new complaints from Calgary Mom"

Advocate Daily: "Hehr apologizes, pledges to do better after new complaint from Calgary mom" Read More
News/21 November 2017

Advocate Daily: "Termination Clause Uncertainty Reqauires Mature set of Principles"

Advocate Daily: "Termination clause uncertainty requires mature set of principles" Read More

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