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Article/6 February 2014

Mr. Hudak - Learn Your Canadian History

In recent days, we have seen a number of provincial Tory candidates express concerns with some of Tim Hudak's policies, particularly his position on "... Read More
Article/29 November 2013

The Year in Review in Labour and Employment Law

2013 was another eventful year on the labour and employment law fronts. The workplace continues to be the locus of much litigation before courts and t... Read More
Article/31 May 2013

The Attack on Trade Unions Today - an Effective Canadian Response

In order to assess where trade unions will be in 2015, we must assess the political landscape for trade unions in Canada today. Read More
Article/26 March 2013

Freedom of Association - The Right to Bargain Collectively and the Right to Organize

In this paper we discuss the scope of section 2(d) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in the labour context, with a particular focus on th... Read More
Article/10 July 2012

Freedom of Association: How Fundamental is the Freedom?

Paul Cavalluzzo & Adrienne Telford, "Freedom of Association: How Fundamental is the Freedom?" in The Charter at Thirty, Ryder Gilliland, ed. (Cana... Read More
Article/22 June 2012

Prospects for Reference of Industrial Relations in the Ontario Broader Public Sector

In my presentation today, I want to review the political and recent historical context of the right to strike in Canada and then discuss whether the c... Read More
Article/16 June 2012

Freedom of Association and the Right to Strike in Canada after Fraser

In my presentation today, I want to review the political and recent historical context of the right to strike in Canada and then discuss whether the c... Read More
Article/29 April 2012

Constitutional Changes - B.C. Health and Fraser Decision - Freedom of Association

In my presentation today I will review the development of freedom of association in the labour context form before the Charter of Rights through the l... Read More
Article/1 February 2012

The Ugly Canadian

Last week we learned that our government has directed CSIS to use information which may have been derived from torture "where a serious risk to public... Read More
Article/13 June 2011

The Fraser Case: The Fog of Judicial Deference

“The Fraser Case: The Fog of Judicial Deference”, Queen’s University, 2011 Read More
Article/1 May 2009

Public Sector Unions Take Aim at Federal Government’s Wage Restraint and Pay Equity Laws

The two largest federal public sector unions – the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC) and the Public Service Allianc... Read More
Article/27 October 2007

Industrial Democracy and the Common Sense Revolution: Freedom of Association in an Era of Neo-Conservatism

The recent judgment of the Supreme Court of Canada in Health Services and Support-Facilities Subsector Bargaining Association v. British Columbia (&ld... Read More
Article/8 June 2007

Landmark Supreme Court of Canada Decision Protects Collective Bargaining Under the Charter

On Friday 8 June 2007, the Supreme Court of Canada released a landmark decision on freedom of association ruling for the first time that collective ba... Read More
Presentation/24 March 2006

Law Union of Ontario 2006 Annual Conference Invite

"Finding a balance? Human rights, national security and the role of law and lawyers." Read More
Article/16 July 1999

Les Grèves dans le Secteur Public du Deuxième Millénaire: Un Droit de L'Employé ou une Politique Gouvernementale?

Le droit de faire la grève dans le secteur public provoque depuis longtemps la controverse dans le droit du travail au Canada. À mesure ... Read More
Article/16 July 1999

Strikes in the Public Sector in the Second Millennium - Employee Right or Government Policy?

The right to strike in the public sector has beena longstanding controversialissue in Canadian labour law. As public sector compensation attracts more... Read More

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