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Labour Law

Trade unions and professional employees’ associations in the public and private sectors face an increasingly complex legal environment with an array of laws at the federal and provincial level. For over thirty years our labour lawyers have helped shape the field of labour law through their innovative approach to labour board and grievance arbitration issues.

Our approach is to maximize opportunities to engage in dispute resolution and if a hearing is necessary to conduct it in the manner most likely to produce excellent results, in a cost effective and timely manner.

We provide the following advice and representation to trade unions on:

  • all Labour Board matters at the federal and provincial level including jurisdictional disputes, sector determinations, construction industry grievance arbitrations, unfair labour practice complaints, unlawful strike or picketing applications and duty of fair representation complaints;
  • all aspects of grievance arbitration and interest arbitration, including consensual mediation-arbitration;
  • employment benefits including employment standards, workers’ compensation, occupational health and safety, pensions, disability issues, benefits, and employment insurance;
  • human rights, pay and employment equity issues, Charter litigation;
  • education of stewards, union representatives, advice and co-counsel work with in house counsel;
  • collective bargaining.