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Pensions and Benefits

The negotiation and enforcement of employment benefits and pensions are a crucial part of ensuring justice in the workplace. We provide advice and representation to individuals, organizations, and unions with respect to pensions and both statutory and insured employment benefits.


We advise union and individual employee clients on the design, negotiation, and administration of benefits plans.

Our services in the area of benefits include advice and representation on:

  • Insured benefits, including Long Term Disability;
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Benefits (Workers’ Compensation);
  • Employment Insurance Benefits;
  • Benefits under the Employment Standards Act;
  • Employee Life and Health trusts; and
  • Other negotiated and statutory benefits.


We advise on and negotiate pension issues, and litigate pension disputes before administrative tribunals and in the courts.

Our services include:

  • advice and opinions on pension matters;
  • assisting in developing and negotiating pension bargaining proposals;
  • assisting with the design of pension plans and Retirement Compensation Arrangements;
  • representation before provincial and federal regulatory bodies; and
  • pension litigation in the courts, including class actions.