Review of Severance Packages

Severance Package Review

Typically, when an employer terminates an employee’s employment, it gives the employee a “severance package”. A severance package is an offer which usually includes a sum of money or benefits from the employer to the employee in exchange for the employee’s promise not to sue.

Our lawyers regularly review severance packages. In doing so, we assess whether the package you have been offered is fair. Where we determine that the package is deficient, we provide advice and discuss strategies to move your matter forward. Most often, this involves drafting a demand letter and then negotiating improvements to your severance package so that your employment ends on fair terms.

If the demand letter and negotiation process is unsuccessful, we may recommend filing a "wrongful dismissal" lawsuit. Click here to learn more about wrongful dismissal claims.

Why You Should Contact Us

The reality is that most first offers for severance packages are inadequate. Simply put, this is the main reason why you should not sign your severance package agreement before consulting with one of our expert employment lawyers. We have reviewed thousands of severance packages and are skilled negotiators who have collectively negotiated millions of dollars in settlement monies for our clients. As well, we are experienced litigators who have litigated some of Canada's most important employment law cases. Contact us for more information and to schedule an appointment.