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Equal Pay Day

8 April 2019
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Tuesday, April 9 is Equal Pay Day in Ontario.  Equal Pay Day marks how far into the new year the average woman must work to earn what men earned by the end of last year. On average, women must work 15.5 months to make what a man earns in 12 months.  The Ontario government held its first Equal Pay day in 2014, after years of lobbying by the Equal Pay Coalition under the leadership of former Cavalluzzo partner Mary Cornish to join the conversation with many countries on how to close the gender pay gap. 

Equal Pay Day is one day in a year when women assess the Ontario government’s action or inaction to close the gender pay gap. The Pay Equity Office’s own statistics show that 54% of Ontario employers have gender pay gaps contrary to the Pay Equity Act, even though pay equity has been the law since 1987. 

On April 9th – women and supporters will wear red to symbolize that women are in the red due to the gender pay gap. Coalition member groups are taking a message out to 8 key ridings where the government’s Ministers could take immediate action to close the gender pay gap.

In Toronto, the Equal Pay Coalition is holding a rally at 10:30a.m and a community leaflet until 12:30pm at 400 University Ave. Cavalluzzo lawyers will be attending. 

For more information, please check out the Coalition website here:

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