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Anti-Black Racism and Systemic Discrimination Must End

9 June 2020
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Since George Floyd was killed by police officers in Minneapolis in late May of this year and the video recording of this incident became public, we have seen protests around the world and calls for justice not only with respect to Mr. Floyd’s death, but with respect to anti-Black racism the world over. 

Cavalluzzo LLP stands with Black communities and all those who are currently raising their voices calling for an end to anti-Black racism, including here in Canada.  The right to protest must be respected.  Calls for justice and the end to systemic discrimination must not only be heard, but must also be acted upon. 

Our firm is committed to making the fight against anti-Black racism an express part of our broader commitment to social justice and to that end, we actively commit ourselves to supporting the struggle to end anti-black racism and to identify and pursue ways in which our firm can provide concrete support to those in the community who are actively engaged in advancing this cause, including within the legal profession.   We commit ourselves to listening, learning and to implementing our learning at every opportunity.  

Black lives matter and anti-Black racism and systemic discrimination must end. 

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