Court Approves Blyth Academy Class Action Settlement

5 March 2020
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On March 3, 2020, the Superior Court approved a settlement reached settling the Blyth Academy Action. This significant achievement and result represents the culmination of many hours of hard work by a team of  dedicated lawyers, law clerks and support staff, who dealt with many affected members with both professionalism and compassion. As a result of the settlement, Blyth Academy teachers who had not been paid overtime pay, holiday pay, and vacation pay, largely because they many had been classified as “contractors”, will receive compensation. 

The classification or misclassification of employees as contractors and the non-payment of overtime and other items payable to employees is a constant feature of 21st Century work.  Cavalluzzo LLP specializes in this area. We have commenced similar lawsuits against film production companies, have won claims for misclassified individuals, and represented the CUPW union as it seeks certification of Foodora workers being classified as “contractors”. This decision is just one of many success stories for the firm in this highly charged area of law.

A copy of the Reasons for Decision of Justice Glustein can be found HERE. 

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