Shaun O'Brien Nominated as Everyday Political Citizen by Samara Canada

27 November 2018
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Shaun O'Brien has been nominated as an Everyday Political Citizen, an award granted by Samara Canada for citizens making positive political changes in their communities.  Samara Canada is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing civic engagement and a more positive public life in Canada.  Shaun was nominated for her work in winning the right to vote for over a million Canadians living abroad, in the case Frank v. Attorney General.   For more information on Frank v. Attorney General, click here.

Shaun was quoted in a recent Huffington Post Article dealing with those issues facing the more than one million Canadians who became eligible to vote in the 2015 election after a law barring those who have lived outside Canada for more than five years from voting was struck down by an Ontario judge.  To read the article, click here.

For more information on the Everyday Political Citizen award and Shaun's nomination, click here.


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