Tyler Boggs Quoted in Toronto Star Article: “Human Rights Ruling Finds Sexual Harassment Common Among Toronto Police”

3 July 2020
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Tyler Boggs was recently quoted in the Toronto Star article titled “ Human Rights Ruling Finds Sexual Harassment Common Among Toronto Police.    The article details the recent landmark win by Police Constable Heather McWilliam in McWilliam v Toronto Police Services Board and Angelo Costa. Police Constable McWilliam successfully established that she was subjected to a poisoned work environment, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and discrimination by superior ranking officers employed by the Toronto Police Services Board.

Vice-Chair Jo-Anne Pickel awarded Police Constable McWilliam $85,000 as compensation for injury to her dignity, feelings and self-respect in relation to these findings. Extensive public interest remedies were likewise ordered against the Toronto Police Services Board to address the systemic issues that were raised in the case.

Police Constable McWilliam was represented by Kate Hughes, Tyler Boggs, and Nadia Lambek in the proceedings. Cavalluzzo LLP is proud to stand with Police Constable McWilliam in her ongoing fight for systemic change.


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