Blyth Academy Class Action

Class Action/
Sep 28, 2018
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In October 2017, Cavalluzzo LLP launched a class action against Blyth Academy on behalf of its teachers. The class action alleged that Blyth systemically misclassified its teachers as independent contractors, and improperly denied its teachers (including the employee teachers) overtime pay, vacation pay, and holiday pay. The class action sought payment for these items as well as related damages.

On March 3, 2020, the Ontario Superior Court approved a Settlement Agreement. This Settlement provided compensation to any teacher who taught at a Blyth Academy Ontario campus before August 31, 2019. Teachers who exclusively taught online courses, and those who taught only outside of Ontario, were not included in the class action.

Monies were paid to class members under the terms of the Settlement Agreement in early 2021. The deadline for seeking compensation is now past.  This matter is considered closed.