Enbridge Pension Plan Class Action

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Jul 2, 2021
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Cavalluzzo LLP has started a class action in the name of a retired Enbridge employee named Susan Williams. The class action alleges that Enbridge was required to give its employees “credited service” when its employees take a maternity or parental leave but that it failed to do so from around 1990 onwards. If you work for Enbridge or once worked for Enbridge and took a maternity or parental leave (or both), you might benefit from the class action. Please see below for a form you can fill out to get more information about the case.

Enbridge operates two pension plans, the Retirement Plan for the Employees of Enbridge Inc. and Affiliates (known as the “EI Plan”) and the Pension Plan for Employees of the Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. and Designated Affiliated, Associated, and Subsidiary Companies (known as the “EGD Plan”). Recently, Enbridge merged the two plans into its “EI Plan”, which it also labels as the “Harmonized” pension plan. Whether an Enbridge employee was or is a member of one or both plans, the claim alleges that, when an employee goes on a maternity or parental leave, the EI Plan text, the EGD Plan text, and legislation regulating these plan texts, mandates that Enbridge “credited service”. Credited service is one of the main variables Enbridge uses to calculate the pension it owes to retired employees: generally, the more credited service, the more pension is owed. By failing to give employees credited service for maternity and parental leaves, Enbridge’s pension plans allegedly have caused affected employees financial loss.

If you would like to read the Statement of Claim filed against Enbridge, you will find it here.

For more information, please contact enbridgepensioncase@cavalluzzo.com.