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Jan 24, 2023
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On March 16, 2022, a Class Action was filed against twelve Peter and Paul locations (“P&P”), and Princes Gate Hotel Limited Partnership and Princes Gate GP Inc. (“Hotel X”).  We filed the class action to preserve the rights of former employees to one day obtain damages for early termination in July 2020 without notice or severance.

A copy of the Statement of Claim can be found HERE.

If you are a former Hotel X and/or Peter and Paul employee, you might benefit from this Class Action. We encourage you to fill out the form found at the bottom of this page so that we can keep you informed about the case.

More Details

On July 20, 2020, P&P filed a Claim against Hotel X, alleging that Hotel X’s actions in 2020 breached contract, causing P&P losses.  One loss P&P claimed was a loss of over $2 million in monies owed to former P&P and/or Hotel X employees.  

P&P was successful after trial.  Among other things, the Superior Court ordered that Hotel X pay damages of $2.063 million to P&P to pay the employees.  In fact, the Court ordered that those monies get paid into “trust” to be earmarked for the employees directly.  Hotel X appealed that decision.

Since that litigation could result in a victory for ex-P&P (and/or Hotel X) employees, the decision was made to put the class action onto a form of hold pending the outcome of that litigation.


On November 29, 2022, the Court of Appeal for Ontario heard Hotel X’s appeal. Hotel X was unsuccessful: the Court of Appeal upheld the court order. The Court of Appeal’s reasons can be found HERE.  If the court order continues to stand, we believe that all of the ex-P&P/Hotel X employees’ claims will have been adequately resolved and that there would be no further need to advance the class action.

Next Steps

Hotel X has sought to appeal the Court of Appeal decision again, this time to the Supreme Court of Canada. Once we have further information about the results of this attempted appeal to the Supreme Court, we will provide another update and explain the impact on the class action.

Are You a Class Member?

If you are a former P&P and/or Hotel X employee, who was terminated in or around July 2020, please fill in the information below so that we can keep you updated about the case. If you have any questions, please contact one of the lawyers listed below, or contact the firm at 416-964-1115 or by email at