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Jan 24, 2023
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On March 16, 2022, a Class Action was filed against twelve Peter and Paul locations (“P&P”), and Princes Gate Hotel Limited Partnership and Princes Gate GP Inc. (“Hotel X”). We filed the class action on behalf of former employees for damages for what was alleged was their unlawful termination from employment in July 2020. A copy of the Statement of Claim can be viewed HERE.

On July 20, 2020, P&P filed a separate Claim in court against Hotel X, alleging that Hotel X’s actions caused P&P losses. One loss P&P claimed was a loss of over $2 million in monies owed to former P&P and/or Hotel X employees. 

P&P was successful after trial. Among other things, the Superior Court ordered that Hotel X pay damages of $2,063,000 to P&P to pay the employees through a separate process. 

Since that litigation could result in a victory for ex-P&P (and/or Hotel X) employees, the class action was put on hold pending the outcome of the litigation.


After Hotel X’s various appeals were unsuccessful, a third party trustee was appointed by Ontario’s Superior Court to administer payment to ex-employees. On August 31, 2023, the Court approved the trustee’s plan for the distribution of the $2,063,000 to eligible former P&P and/or Hotel X employees. A copy of the Court’s formal Claims Procedure Order can be viewed HERE.

The outcome we were seeking in the class action has been achieved. As a result, the class action has been discontinued. The Discontinuance Order containing a notice addressed to former employees who worked for P&P at Hotel X, can be viewed HERE.

Next Steps

We expect that eligible employees will receive a notice from the trustee advising them of the amount they will be receiving based on 12 weeks’ pay and instructions on how to proceed with the claims process soon. Our firm has been appointed by the court to represent any employees who dispute the trustee’s calculations and to act on behalf of anyone who does not receive a notice from the trustee but feels that they should be eligible to participate in the claims process. Please reach out to us if you believe the trustee’s calculations are incorrect. If you do not receive a notice by December 31, 2023 but believe you are eligible to receive a portion of the funds, you may contact us by email at

Are You a Impacted?

If you are a former P&P and/or Hotel X employee, who was terminated in or around July 2020, please feel free to also fill in the information below so that we can keep you updated about the case. If you have any questions, please contact one of the lawyers listed below, or contact the firm at 416-964-1115 or by email at