Johnson Controls Inc.

Class Action/
Nov 26, 2018
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This action was commenced on April 16, 2010 after Johnson Controls Inc. announced that it was closing its manufacturing plant in Orangeville, Ontario and would be terminating the employment of all of its employees. The Plaintiffs are seeking damages for the lack of reasonable notice from Johnson Controls.

A settlement was reached which was reviewed and approved by the Honourable Justice Sproat of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Brampton on January 17, 2011. A copy of the Notice sent to all Class members about the approval is available here. A copy of the opt out form for any class members wishing to opt out of the proceeding is available here.

A copy of the Statement of Claim is attached here.

We will provide updates and other documents relevant to the case as they are available.

The Plaintiffs are being represented by Michael Wright and Blair Trudell.