Kimberly-Clark Inc. and Neenah Paper, Inc.

Class Action/
Nov 26, 2018
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This action was commenced in 2006 against Kimberly-Clark Inc. and Neenah Paper, Inc. because of the reduction in health benefits and life insurance for retirees at the Terrace Bay and Longlac operations. The reductions took effect on October 1, 2006.

The parties have entered into a Settlement Agreement dated December 17, 2007. The hearing to certify the action on consent, approve the settlement, and approve Class Counsel's fees was held on February 6, 2008 before Justice Platana in Thunder Bay. The settlement agreement and Class Counsel's fees were approved. Class members can go to for a full explanation of the settlement and to view the relevant documents.

For more information regarding this action, please contact Mia London at (416) 964-5528 or by email at

Michael Wright and Hugh O’Reilly are counsel on this matter.