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Factual Television Class Action

Class Action/
Nov 26, 2018
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Class action lawsuits are being contemplated against factual television producers.  

If you work or worked for Cineflix, Insight Productions, Boat Rocker Media or another factual television producer, we encourage you to fill out the form found below so that we can keep you informed about our efforts in this regard.

Cineflix Class Action Commenced

A class action has now been filed against the Cineflix group of companies, which together produce factual television programming in Ontario (and elsewhere).

The claim alleges that individuals working for Cineflix who work through their own corporations and/or who are called "independent contractors" have been denied basic minimum standards under Ontario's Employment Standards Act, 2000, in the areas of minimum wage, overtime pay, vacation pay and holiday pay.

The lawsuit seeks general damages of $35 million plus other compensation for all such individuals who did not receive these entitlements in recent years.

The class of people covered by this class action are those who worked in production, pre-production and post-production classifications and who worked or are still working at Cineflix.

Court Documents

The claim against Cineflix is contained in a document called the "Statement of Claim", a copy of which can be viewed HERE.

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