Executive Compensation Advice

What is it?

Executive-level employees often have detailed employment contracts and complex compensation packages. Their employment terms are frequently subject to complicated bonus plans, stock options and shares programs, and other thorough and confusing documents.

Additionally, many executive-level employee contracts contain restrictive covenants that limit opportunities to work in certain areas or jurisdictions for a limited time following a termination or resignation. These clauses may or may not be enforceable and should be reviewed by an employment lawyer. To learn more about these clauses, click here.

Our employment lawyers are also experts at interpreting termination clauses. These clause outline what your employer will owe you in the event of a termination. Many employees do not realize that these clauses may be costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars if their employment is terminated on a not-for-cause (i.e. no fault) basis. Our team has assisted thousands of clients in negotiating better terms in their employment contracts or severance packages.

Why You Should Contact Us

We provide expert advice about compensation structure, tax issues related to employment, restrictive covenants, unanimous shareholders' agreements, termination clauses, insurance issues and more. We have assisted thousands of employees in reviewing their contracts, negotiating better terms, and providing advice in the event of a termination or resignation. Whether you are at the beginning or the end of your employment relationship, our team can help. Contact us for more information and to schedule an appointment.