Pensions and Benefits

The negotiation and proper administration of employment benefits and pensions are a crucial part of ensuring social justice in the workplace and access to financial security in retirement. 

Our experts provide legal advice and representation to individuals, administrators, unions and other organizations with respect to pension entitlements, plan governance, regulatory issues, compliance, disputes and advocacy matters. 

Services We Offer

We provide advice to and about single employer pension plans, jointly sponsored pension plans and multi-employer pension plans, whether defined benefit, defined contribution or hybrid benefits.  We advise on and negotiate pension issues and litigate pension disputes before administrative tribunals and in the courts. 

Our services include:

  • advice and opinions on a full range of pension matters;
  • advising on retirement compensation issues;
  • representation before provincial and federal regulatory bodies; and
  • pension litigation in the courts, including class actions.

We also advise clients on the interpretation and administration of benefits plans.

Our services include advice and representation on:

  • insured benefits, including long-term disability;
  • employment Insurance benefits;
  • benefits under the Employment Standards Act; and
  • other negotiated and statutory benefits.

Why You Should Contact Us

Our pension and benefits team are specialists in this complicated area of law. Effectively navigating pension and benefits issues often involves the interpretation of complex plan language, and requires a comprehensive understanding of various statutory regimes, and expert knowledge about applicable regulatory bodies.

Our team is here to help and guide you through making a claim, assessing your damages, or simply to help you understand your rights and entitlements under your employer's plans. Contact us to learn more or to book an appointment.